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You are not a quitter. You are grounded.

With the exception of these opening two paragraphs, the entirety of this post was written by George Bruno. I met George in the Fall of 2013 and in only a handful of interactions with him, I can assert that he is … Continue reading

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We All Want A Scapegoat

Change is indeed the only constant. Interpreting that can easily lead to many outcomes. Perhaps it means that change is always afoot. Or, it could mean that no-thing every really changes. Alternative, it means many other things too. I’d like … Continue reading

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I am Thankful for a most improbable pilgrimage

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine extended an opportunity to me to assist him with recording the documentary of a religious celebration in Rwanda. November 28, 2011 will mark the 30th anniversary of Marian apparitions in Kibeho in … Continue reading

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Environmentally Charged "Paradigm Discrimination"

Just about every element of the human response network is subject to the nature vs. nurture debate. And in almost all cases the answer is that a balance of the two is at play. Sometimes one is dominant and sometimes … Continue reading

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Mistakes are pathways to learning

In my most recent post of a couple weeks ago I shared my views on the value of job candidates asking powerful questions during interviews to help them assess their own thoughts towards the relationships on which they would potentially … Continue reading

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