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Keep Your Circle Of Inspiration Small

This week Lance Armstrong is reportedly going to offer an admission to the use of performance enhancing methods during his cycling career. In affect, he will be admitting that he lied to and misled many people and organizations.  As an … Continue reading

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Meaningful Sacrifice

With Christmas only days away, I wish to share what I feel is a very warm sentiment in the spirit of giving.  Recently, I had the privilege to be audience to a magnificent presentation delivered by a true star of … Continue reading

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Grace After The Election

In three days, the United States will decide who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the next four years.  In my four and half decades I am not familiar with any presidential election as heated as this one. And I … Continue reading

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One Single Idea Please

A lot of very smart people have a lot of ideas – many have great ideas.  Is there no one left with but a single big idea that is so inspiring that we all – in our own ways – … Continue reading

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