False Sense of (sunscreen) Security

If you are one of the thousands – dare I say millions – of people who enjoy spending countless hour on the beach in the summer and you have migrated completely to the spray canisters to apply your sunscreen, PLEASE STOP!!
I continually observe the same thing over and over again. Users of the spray-on sunscreen use the product without regard to wind speed or direction. I have too often watched people  spray on the sunscreen and almost ever drop that came out gets taken away by the wind and none of it ever lands on the skin.  Even worse and more frightening is when used on very small children and then off to play in the sand they are sent with no measurable protection against sunburn.
So when folks get sunburn I suspect many will rail against the sunscreen manufactures and some might even try the class action lawsuit approach.  Let us try a different tact. Let’s take responsibility and become attuned and observant to what is really happening around us. Let’s try some situational awareness on for size.  Trust me, one size can fit all.
On the economic front, using these sprays without regard to whether the product is actually arriving on the skin is literally money being blown away by the wind. Which shamefully may be be the intent of the manufacturers. In that case, yes, let’s string ’em up!
When using sunscreen, please, use the lotion most of the time. You know it’s being applied by skin to skin contact. For the sprays, I do use them but more for the hard to reach places like my back or on my feet if they are full of sand. And I always make sure I am positioned such that the area to which I am applying the product is a few inches downwind of the can.
Stay sun-safe folks. Summer and the beach equals fun. Sunburn, not!
Thanks for reading. Have a Great Day!
Matt G.

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