Should I be feeling at least a little guilty about this?

I recently came to learn of two books that seemed interesting to me. One is “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” and the other is “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs” – both by Carmine Gallo. I consume books from a multitude of sources: iPad (iBook, Kindle, and Nook apps); audio while driving; and actual old-fashion books. These two books came to my attention through an ad on my account so I put them on my wish list to refer back to later. I then figured, heck, I’ll just swing by Barnes & Noble and purchase the one on presentations since I figured there would be a very low probability that I would not enjoy it and I was very likely to make notes in it and save it for reference.
While in Barnes & Noble, I realized the hardcover retail price was higher than that of the audio version. So there in Barnes & Noble, on my iPad (which I had with me) I looked up Amazon’s Kindle version price. I found that I could get both books on the iPad Kindle app for the same price as the hardcover version of the book on presentations alone in Barnes & Noble.
So, standing in Barnes & Noble, while holding a book that I was a mere minutes away from purchasing, haven been assisted by their staff in locating the book, I downloaded both books onto my iPad from Amazon’s store – Kindle version – using the free WiFi in Barnes & Noble! Should I feel guilty about this? Well, perhaps I did a little so I at least did make one purchase during this visit – a cup of coffee from the in-store Starbucks cafe.
Such is the world of ubiquity in market and commerce.
As always, thoughts and comments are welcome.
Thanks for reading. Have a Great Day!
Matt G.

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5 Responses to Should I be feeling at least a little guilty about this?

  1. You should feel guilty if you didn’t call over the store manager and explain the situation, and allow Barnes and Noble to beat the Amazon price.

    • Matt Gorman says:

      Stephen, thank you! (seriously wish I had thought of that.) I am now compelled to revisit the store and do exactly as you suggest. Having two formats of the book won’t hurt if he/she agrees. And it could make a great gift for someone.

    • Matt Gorman says:

      Stephen, Today I returned to the B&N and extended the offer to price match. “Policy is not to match download price.” I was told. All guilt removed.

  2. Tim Schmutzler says:

    Not the least little bit. That’s just business in this modern world.

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